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Changzhou Longtai Casting Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1991, the company's main business for the electric Vehicle library door with zinc aluminum die castings, more than 95% of products exported to Europe and the United States market, in the industry is the longest history, Word-of-mouth best supporting suppliers. 2015, the company's production and marketing has exceed 150 million yuan, and still maintain strong growth momentum. In recent years, through the enterprise's own efforts, has become Japan's electricity production and aviation photoelectric qualified suppliers, the product has been a large number of automotive EPS steering 

Enterprise Vision: To become the domestic and international first-class zinc and aluminum die-casting and fine add
Enterprise Purpose: To create value for customers, for employees to create welfare enterprises to win profits



Stay Competitive
Provide first-class customer service
Ensure efficient and accurate product sourcing
Improve employee productivity
Seeking maximum investment profit


1991 Zheng Ping Yang Cun set up die-casting workshop
1994 Zheng Ping Road village Wujin Dragon Motor Parts factory
2006 years ago Huang Village Changzhou Long Tai Foundry Co., Ltd.
2010 Yixing Wan shi Wuxi new Rui Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.



Auto Parts aluminum die casting system

Garage Aluminum die Casting Series

New Energy Auto Aluminum die Castings

4-54 Half cone

4-54 Half cone

120 Half cone

175 Spring clip

200 Spring clip

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